Saturday, 1 September 2012

Way too Hot

August was way too hot for me – I’m sure if you’re reading from the UK you are probably thinking why are you complaining but it got to the stage when we desperately needed rain. The grass became so dry it was crisp and slightly painful when you walked on it – well if you will go barefoot!  Typically though on the nights of festa or fireworks we had rain or thunderstorms.  The streets were full of tourists, coming over a much shorter season than usual and we’ve seen some weird and wonderful sights. An amphibious car a pretty shade of turquoise green, drove along, admired by many, it turned left and drove straight into the lake. The little sunshade in the middle of the two passengers was opened and they drove/sailed off into the distance. And there has been a man travelling above the water held up by a water jet - I can give you no other explanation.

You could spend an entire day on the promenade watching people, boats and oddities like this.  We’ve seen danger too. Swimmers – one hopes unaware of the dangers, for surely they wouldn’t otherwise be so stupid  – crossing the water where the boats swing in – one guy had to tread water and raise his arm up to make sure he was visible, as a speed boat swept into the cove. Several people have lost their lives in the water this year, which is always sad when such a beautiful place is tainted thus.  The currents are strong; and the calmness it might portray misleading.

And we’ve had Ella to stay.  Ella is a Lagotto Romagnolo – an Italian  Water Retriever.  She is a ‘must have’ dog in my opinion.  She loves to swim, to chase, to play and to snuggle up.  She has the sweetest nature– well as sweet as Saffron but virtually non-moulting – their coat is hypoallergenic – described as hair it resembles a sheep but longer and more rustic. She’s gone back to the owners for one week and then we have her for three more weeks – we are sorely tempted to indulge ourselves. She is however, not a good dog for a gardener as digging is one of her favourite pastimes.

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