Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Best Bar in Lenno

Tuesday is market day in Lenno; always busier in the summer months with visitors from all over the world being boated in from other towns and villages - all looking for a bargain! And it’s when Bar Sport is at its liveliest.

Each year Bar Sport has extended its repertoire; now serving coffee, cocktails, fine wines and snacks to homemade pasta, excellent pizzas, and even better salads (that’s because I prefer salad to pizza) – these are especially generous in both content and portion.  My favourite this year is the chicken salad; made a la Elio owner. The chicken boiled with herbs and then stripped from the carcase across a good mixed salad (not all Italian restaurants are very good at mixed salads) with artichoke, little onions, chopped gherkin and olives it is one of the most flavoursome salads I’ve tasted in Italy.  The portion too is a meal in itself. And I am informed that his stock from this is added to his risotto – so that too must be delicious.

He, his wife Catherine and their staff are attentive and welcoming – Bar Sport wins top marks from
Elio, Catherine and their son Allesio

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