Friday, 1 June 2012

Two days before we travelled to the UK – Phil discovered that the flat roof of the annexe was leaking in most of the rooms and mould was growing down the walls and the ceiling.  Now you might think that this was very neglectful but it was less than a month previous that we had shown it to some potential buyers, with no more that a few flaky pieces from an issue we knew was already present.  We have had so much rain this winter and spring and the cold February obviously penetrated the membrane and caused it to break up.  We managed to put in place three quotes to be done when we returned and inform the insurance agent – giving him one week to consider whether we were insured for such damage or not! As in all things Italian the estimates are all different – all with conflicting advice as to what is really needed. 

The insurance agent sent out a ‘man’ who looked at it closely and has gone away to consider!  Fingers crossed we get some help – we pay enough every year.

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