Tuesday, 10 April 2012

An Inspiring Week

It’s been an inspiring and exciting week.  My niece Marie is staying for a week with her two boys Luke and Jacob.  I’d forgotten how boisterous and noisy young children could be and how much chocolate they could eat!

Marie and I went to the studio of Jerry Fresia; the well known Impressionist artist who lives in Lenno, for a presentation of his ‘style’ of painting.  It was a fascinating and stimulating morning.  He is an extremely good tutor and gave an interesting demonstration of the key stages to ‘create’ a painting. If you get the opportunity to study with him – do so. Marie was so inspired by Jerry, she has promised that her easel will come out as soon as she is home.

Today we wandered by the home of Fabrizio and his dog Scheila; admiring his wire cockerel which stands proudly crowing on one of his gateposts.  Fabrizio invited us in to see his work.  Intricate trellises made from green plastic wire, twisted into gentle shapes adorn his courtyard garden.  Other blank concrete walls are painted with local scenes.  An angel, wings outstretched watches over; at her feet Fabrizio has planted a creeping fig, used extensively in this area to cover unsightly concrete walls and buildings. In years to come this will cover her entire body with and evergreen foil.

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